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Weight Gainers

You should try to add more calories to your regular diets through the weight gainer if you are one of the persons unable to gain weight. The weight gainers we talked with were taken aback when they started gaining muscle faster.

Weight Gainers

Previously some weight gainers used to contain higher protein powders with sugar and fats offering the dose of around 128 oz with 3000 calories, which is considered the improper size of dose having sugar contents against healthy diet plan. Also the protein qualities in such gainers were not up to the mark. In spite of the presence of all such gainers in the market the supplement industry has still revived.

Biological Values

The protein quality is recognized on the basis of how better the body uses it, which is technically known as "biological value" or BV as abbreviated. This term means how well and how fast the body gets and consumes the proteins practically. Hence the whey protein in form of whey isolate (BV 159) is readily absorbed fast whereas the milk protein Casein (BV 77) is readily absorbed slow proving it to be of lesser quality.

The content of sugar in the weight gainer supplement is an important factor worth considering as the excess of it may effect insulin and enhance serotonin levels. This may lead to the drowsiness, irritation and headaches in some particular cases. The increased level of insulin leads to storage of body fats. It is suggested to buy the gainer with the nutrition label showing sugar contents within 30-60 grams range as listed under carbohydrates.

However at times you need to take extra carbohydrates, oxygen enhancement products as well as various endurance products as briefed below.

Carbohydrates: The complex chemical compounds consisting of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen is known as Carbohydrates - CH2O. Carbohydrates are the vital medium of energy for the human body. The Carbohydrates fulfils nearly 4 kilocalories or 'kcal' per gram weight of the body. The Carbohydrates are transformed in the human body either in desirable glucose or undesired fats.

Oxygen Enhancement Products: The Oxygen Enhancers were developed for the specific purpose to refill the spent oxygen through the physical energy. In other words the Oxygen Enhancer provide enough oxygen at the cellular level to fully enhance the exercise performance, reduce muscle recovery cycle and thus allow optimal muscle growth - anabolism and maximum decrease in the body fats.

Endurance Products: Endurance Product means the products having substance of enhancing Stamina which is the act, quality or power to withstand hardship or strain. The stamina is determined by a few specific features most of which are beyond control. Fluid is the vital such factor that we can control with nutrients and supplement intake.

Weight Gainers

Supplement Name Servings Price per
Lowest Price
XGainer 7lbs by Xyience 7lbs/ 30 Servings $1.36 $40.95