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Vitamin E Information and Products

Vitamin E - The definition and source of Vitamin E: Vitamins E & A are the most vital antioxidants for the body. These Vitamins are fat soluble and generate the Super Oxide Dismutase - the strong free radical remover. Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen are the Vitamin E rich sources.

Its function and evidence of scientific studies for support: Vitamin E helps to find out the harmful free radicals and destroys them.

Its necessity and symptoms of deficiency: Vitamin E is necessary for the person who wants healthy immune system in addition to protection against free radicals. Athletes and bodybuilders who work out extensively may lose immune system of body causing health related problems. At this juncture Vitamin E comes in picture. Vitamin E Supplements can enhance strength of the immune process along with overall health of the body. Sore muscles, body aches and pains are also eased by Vitamin E. Deficiency of Vitamin E is very less found, it is the most vital nutrient for the human body.

The suggested dosage and the side effects of Vitamin E: The concentrations of Vitamin E may vary like most of the people take 20 to 30 IU per day. The RDA for Vitamin E is hardly 15 IU for foods and 12 IU for females. However, the RDA is mainly generated for preventing deficiency and most of the antioxidants effects of Vitamin E cannot be obtained at this much lower level. Researchers suggest dose of 400 IU per day for the adults for actual benefits from Vitamin E Alliance for Aging, however, it has been noted that different medical research studies and literatures commonly advise the dose between 100 and 800 IU per day for the adult supplements. The trainers and researchers recommend that professional athletes should take 1200 to 15oo IU per day. Thus you will notice that there is very little margin of supplementing with Vitamin E. For the levels up to 1200 IU there are almost no evidences of toxicity, though higher dose of Vitamin E may be harmful if you are suffering from high blood pressure.