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Vitamin D Information and Products

Vitamin D: The milk with Vitamin D is readily available in the market nowadays. Many of us do not know the importance of Vitamin D and do not even bother to supplement it, though Vitamin D is a recognized steroid hormone which is more resourceful except for cholesterol. The sunlight radiation is the best source of Vitamin D. The sea-shore dwellers do not generally require additional Vitamin D as compared with those living in the areas where the winters are very cold should take Vitamin D supplements. The FDA also recommends preparing milk enriched with Vitamin D as it is a strong anabolic hormone that proves more beneficial beyond one's thought. The ideal dose of Vitamin D is 400 IU and if taken with Vitamin E the suggested dose is 800 IU. The Calciferol is a type of sunshine vitamin.

Initially I did not believe that sunlight is rich provider of Vitamins but now as an educated adult I do strongly believe it. By allowing body cells produce Vitamin D themselves from cholesterol under the influence of unfiltered sunlight is one of the best source of obtaining Vitamin D. It takes between 3o to 200 minutes depending on the skin and normal daily exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D maintains phosphorus balance in the body and also helps in maintaining heart muscle as well as nervous systems. Also Vitamin D is classified steroid hormone; after all it is developed from cholesterol similar as sex-hormone precursor dehydro-epiandrosterone. It also enhances the absorption and use of calcium to help maintaining healthy bones. Not only that it stimulates thyroid systems and helps in blood clotting too.

The Deficiency of Vitamin D: For the bodybuilders it is severe as it softens the bones, contracting the muscles at times even cramps as well as loses calcium like minerals and so on.

Toxic Effects: Though established toxicity limits is 5000 IU but normally it is recommended not to exceed even 600 IU. This may result in more calcium quantum in blood - though bodybuilders have much more calcium ions in their blood, reduces appetite, enhance thirst, nausea, vomiting, pains in abdomen and deposition of calcium in softer tissues like blood vessels which is highly harmful in the older age since calcifying of veins may cause severe health complications.

Recommended Dosage: Necessary ideal dose is 400 IU and the dose of 600 IU may be too high yet 800 IU is rather advised. However, the higher dosage is given only during the medical treatments and under strict medical supervision only.

Vitamin A, Calcium, Creatine and Phosphorus put together make good stack. The sources of which are Tuna, Mackerel, Butter, Sardines, Salmon, Kipper, Egg-yolk and liver.

Some Useful Tips: I have great experience for the use of Vitamin D and its toxicity effects so I generally take dose of 800 IU's for about 4 weeks, then reduce it to 400 IU's for eight weeks and recycle it through out the year. This is advantageous for users of creatine or dependant of calcium transport ion since it enhances thirst which is necessary during creatine dose to increase its potent and avoid side effects. It is found to be useful for reducing appetite and consuming more water as diuretic.