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Vitamin C Information and Products

The definition and facts about Vitamin C: This is possibly one of the most essential vitamins that require to be taken regularly by the human body. The Americans mostly source it from the tomato sauce. The best quality Vitamin C may be found and procured from the website buy-bodybuilding-supplements.com

The working and supporting evidence by the scientific studies: Vitamin C is indeed the incredible vitamin having scores of advantages.

Who needs it and under what deficiency systems: It is advices that almost everybody should take Vitamin C especially the people who really work hard for their bodies as body builders, weight lifters or weight trainers and athletes. By making the cortisol ratio reduced against testosterone since the Vitamin C enhances testosterone levels in the body. This enables the body to maintain strong performance level as desired. It has been notices that Vitamin C deficiency can result in scurvy within the period of just 90 days. Deficiency of Vitamin C is thus not advisable hence one should make sure of taking plenty of it for maintaining good health, keep free radicals lower and the muscles strong.

Recommended Dosage and side effects of Vitamin C: Medical experts suggest to take at least 500 mg of Vitamin C dose twice a day, however during the extensive training phase for athletes such dosage are recommended by the experts up to 3 grams per day under hard training and maximum up to 8 grams per day while suffering from cold or cutting up.