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Stamina Rx Male Performance Pills

Preface: Stamina-RX is the natural innovative sexual enhancer developed to improve sexual stamina and excitements introduced by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Inc. Quite opposite of the products by the other formulators, Stamina-RX is prepared with the exclusively top grade available extracts and nutraceuticals, a couple of its major constituent elements may not be found in the competitor’s formula available in the markets. Stamina-RX is practically the uncontested over-the-counter or OTC product being sold in the markets under the category of diet supplement for the sexual stimulation.

Functions of Individual Ingredients in ‘Male Enhancement’ Stamina-RX:

Cnidium Monnier – A coumarin separated from Cnidium Monnier helps the muscles of the corpeous spacious to relax for enhancing blood flow to the genital region as per the clinical studies. The higher blood supply promotes stiffer, strong, rigid and long lasting penile erection.

Xanthoparmelia ScabrosaThis is the scarce and exotic natural element used for the first time in Stamina-RX formula. This is widely being used as the sexual rejuvenator in Asia for hundreds of years promoting stronger and longer lasting erection. It is believed that this element defuses or diminishes the erection killing enzymes known as PDE 5 in the body.

Yohimbe: According to the medical journals Yohimbine – the active constituent of Yohimbe raises the blood supply directly to the penis as the result of which libido increases radically. Stamina-RX has the best quality of Yohimbine available in the world. Many renowned formulations also use Yohimbe but of much inferior or poor quality which has in fact, no Yohimbine contents hence the product turns ineffective and totally useless.   

L-Arginine: This is the non-essential Amino Acid which is considered to be highly efficient of promoting sexual receptiveness and performance. It has been established of encouraging the generation of Nitric Oxide when it is taken orally. It is Nitric Oxide only that initiates and manages the penile erection during sexual activities.

GABA: GABA means Gamma Amino Butyric Acid plays a very significant role. Every erection process initiates from the brain. The moment you are encouraged, your brain starts sending the signals to the body that something good is going to happen. At this juncture the GABA starts working. It is said to enhance the dopamine levels to trigger the ecstatic feelings in the entire body and enables gear-up the feeling that are probable during orgasm. Due to such advantage the Stamina-RX is very famous in youngsters, thanks to GABA effects.

Horny Goat Weed: This is a kind of the plant which is well known for hundreds of years due to its legendary libido enhancing characteristics. It is the most effective sex driver and sex energizer having drawn the attention of the Americans within last five years. Stamina-RX has used this wonder element in the proportion of 20:1 extract in its formula which makes the product at least five times stronger than its nearest competitors. As per the research studies in regards to such a high ratio of this element in the formula, it noticed that the men experienced the extremely powerful surge during their sex drive after taking Stamina-RX.

Direction of Use: The recommended dose of Stamina-RX is taking 0ne or two Tablets just one before initiating the sexual activities. Serving per Unit: The plastic container of Stamina-RX contains 15 capsules, making it the complete dosage plan.

Supplement Facts:
Ingredients of Stamina-RX
Proprietary Blend: L-Arginine, Cnidium Monnier Extract, Gamma Amino Butyric Acid, Xantho Parmelia Extract, Epimedium 20:1 Extract, Yohimbe Extract 8% (4mg. Yohimbe) Qty : 550 mg.

Side Effects of Stamina-RX: There are no negative side effects that have yet been reported against Stamina-RX. But at the same time, as in the case of any dietary supplements, the persons who are reported to have any specific medical history / conditions are advised to consult their doctors before opting for this preparation, especially due to the most popularly know ingredient Yohimbe Extract. Yohimbe is the African Plant / Tree the bark of which contains potent therapeutic compounds. Generally Yohimbe has been used for treating Coughs and fevers and since the recent times it is also used as the aphrodisiac substance means the substance which increase the sexual desires.

Anyway, this African substance is also known to develop certain side effects, such as: dizziness, insomnia or sleeping disorder, nausea or sickness like vomiting and anxieties. It is also said to have been reported of enhancing blood pressure, heart beat rates and body temperature.  The persons undergoing any treatment related to kidney disorders, any types of hart related problems, diabetes or stomach ulcers or in the combination with any antidepressant medications.