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Pure Pro Drinks by ABB

Order Pure Pro Drinks by ABB
1 Case of 20 Bottles $45.99, 2/$89.99
Order Pure Pro Drinks by ABB
Shipping Method
UPS Ground
$6.99 plus 1.00 per item for all orders(up to 5lb)
$8.99 plus 1.00 per item for orders (6-10lb)

+$3.00 is added for each additional 5lbs +$2.00 for rural deliveries

Pure Pro Drink Highlights

  • 50 gm of Protein From Milk and Whey
  • Serious BCAAs
  • Essential Amino Acids Including BCAAs
  • 4.5 gm of Fat and 3 gm of Sugar

Pure Pro Drinks Flavors

  • Banana
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Cookies n Cream

Whey Protein Isolate is the purest form of whey protein extraction, yielding at least 90% pure whey and less of what you don't want from a protein source - sugar, lactose, carbs and fat. To put that into perspective, Whey Protein Concentrates only yield about 70% whey, with the remainder of its volume coming from the aforementioned other sources (i.e. carbs and fat). Because Whey Protein Isolates are so pure, you get a much greater yield of the branched chain amino acids (BCAAS), LEUCINE, ISOLEUCINE and VALINE, as well as providing you with a broad spectrum of the other ESSENTIAL AND NON-ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS such as GLUTAMINE and ALANINE, not to mention PROTEIN FRACTIONS such as LACTOFERRINS and IMMUNOGLOBULINS. BCAAs are important because they play such a critical role in STIMULATING PROTEIN SYNTHESIS and INHIBITING PROTEIN CATABOLISM, by way of metabolic as well as hormonal functions.

Whey protein is derived from milk (about 20% of the protein in milk is whey), however the manner in which it's extracted and purified varies widely and has a profound effect on its purity, quality and solubility. The whey in Pure Pro has a greater solubility than most other proteins, such as casein (about 80% of the protein in milk is casein), and is therefore ABSORBED MORE RAPIDLY - the greater the solubility; the greater the absorption rate. Making Pure Pro an IDEAL PROTEIN SOURCE IMMEDIATELY AFTER TRAINING when rapid amino acid influx into muscles is at its greatest for quick recovery. Also, if you're adhering to the dietary regimen of eating every 2-3 hours, faster absorbing proteins such as whey are ideal.

The original Pure Pro formula - the industry's first high protein ready-to-drink (RTD) - just got better! The 40g of Whey Protein Isolate is now combined with 2g of Fractionated Rice Oligodextrins for IMPROVED ABSORPTION AND DIGESTION. ABB has also DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED THE TASTE AND TEXTURE, and each Pure Pro now contains absolutely NO Aspartame.

Aside from its obvious anabolic benefits, whey protein is also higher in cysteine than other forms of protein (whey protein contains about 2.0%-2.5% cysteine, whereas casein contains only about 0.3% cysteine). Cysteine is the rate-limiting precursor to the POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT glutathione. Research continues to emerge about glutathione's STRONG ROLE IN IMMUNE FUNCTION, as well as the maintenance of the structural and functional integrity of muscle.

Fractionated rice oligodextrins are a drink technology exclusive only to ABB. High-dose protein has been known to cause bloating and gas - two side effects I think we could all agree on, that we could do without. Finding a mechanism by which ABB could keep Pure Pro extremely low in carbs, but improve digestion and absorption, was resolved when ABB discovered that they could extract micro-fractions found in rice, that would help digestive efficiency by reducing the osmotic load often associated with highly soluble liquid protein meals. Two grams (2g) of these fractions have been added to Pure Pro to improve digestion and absorption, so to help you absorb, utilize and retain more of the protein you consume.

Also with its reformulation, ABB made Pure Pro even better tasting. Giving it an even BETTER MOUTH FEEL AND TEXTURE than before, so you don't get that dry mouth aftertaste that can sometimes occur with high protein RTDs. And because ABB uses only 100% Pure Whey Protein Isolates, Pure Pro is more than 99% LACTOSE FREE. Each INCREDIBLY REFRESHING, TROPICAL FRUIT-FLAVORED serving of Pure Pro IS ALSO 100% ASPARTAME FREE. So go ahead, destroy your muscles when you train - ABB has the tools to rebuild them.

Pure Pro Drink Supplement Facts

Serving Size: One bottle
Servings Per Container 20

Pure Pro Drink Directions

For Post-Workout Recovery, consume one (1) bottle of Pure Pro immediately following a workout session to aid protein synthesis and muscle recovery. For Daily Protein Nutrition, consume as many bottles of Pure Pro as necessary to supplement your protein needs. As a general rule, consume approximately one (1) gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day. To aid absorption, consume slowly; allowing yourself approximately fifteen (15) minutes to complete each bottle.