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1-testosterone is detectible for NCAA drug tests?

Many question as to whether one gets into bad bargain if one gets injected with 1-testosterone. Although it has very alluring affect for the bodybuidling person and professional sportsperson for his/her career, it can have very negative implications in the long run or will have fatal results if it is injected incorrectly.

1-testosterone is an injectable prohormone. Prohormones are very beneficial and according to many users it is still-to-be-explored substance according to the late bodybuilding guru Dan Duchaine, but administering it has many state imposed restrictions, arguably so, because it may cause death in case of slightest carelessness.

In that case, it becomes impossible to realize its full potential. Oral administration of the drug jeopardizes a person's eligibility in case one does not take enough precaution to counter it, and there are ways to do it, known only to few inquisitors. Oral delivery has first pass effect which is why it is injected thereby bypassing the liver which escapes being metabolized into objectionable substances. If a nerve is hit, there will be several types of reactions and muscle spasms because it may induce tumoral growth and inner blisters. It is very difficult for a person to avoid hitting either a blood stream or a nerve network without professional assistance and even in that case, chances of accidents is high, and one pays with life.

This makes sporting federations like NCAA to have stringent measures to dissuade the use of the steroids like 1-Testosterone, which stimulates body reaction, growth and stamina adversely. In the most severe case, death will be caused within 30 seconds. We have one burning example of Milos Sarcev who was done on with a steroid prohormone called Synthol. However, the fear of the drug is so high that the federations also influence the state to stop any execution of experiments also which may be beneficial in very small doses as is the case with many oriental drugs.

Any artificial administration of a drug is negative for the health, and the aspect which tends to accentuate the performance, may be the one which will deteriorate the body resistance, work negatively against muscles, stretches and snaps the tolerance level of the immunity system, and hence creates break down in the overall health status of the user. There are many scientific ways in which stamina is steadily built with perseverence, which will stay with the body builder for ever, with discipline which can be way ahead of any external stimulus including prohormones.

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