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Pantothenic Acid Information and Products

The Energy and much more from Vitamin B5

The definition and source of Vitamin B5: Vitamin B5 or Pantothenic Acid is found in sufficient amount in all the living things or most of the foods we eat. Scientists have named this vitamin based on its origin which is Greek Roots known as "Panthos" that means "everywhere". Products enriched with Pantothenic Acids include: Green Vegetables, meat, liver, yeast, salmon, eggs, diary products and most of food grains. The Calcium rich supplements with 92% pantothenic acids and 8% calcium are also available on the website of buy-bodybuilding-supplements.com

The function and the scientific study evidences of Vitamin B5: Vitamin B5 helps the red blood cell production and adrenal hormones in addition to the energy production of Krebs cycle. They are converted by body in to catalyst known as the coenzymes A which is most critically needed for energy production in body. Vitamin B5 also jointly works with other B-Vitamins to promote ATP making process which accelerates cells in the body energizing them to move faster. It helps maintaining cholesterol levels and healthy triglyceride levels in the body.

Who needs it and its deficiency symptoms: For any body who is willing to shape up his figure like body builders or athletes require the Pantothenic Acid supplements? Generally deficiency of vitamin B5 is not that very common however its supplements may help gain better results.

The recommended dosage and its side effects: Vitamin B5 in between 10 and 20mg is ideal dosage that does not cause any side effects nevertheless at the most excess dosage in any case may cause diarrhoea at the most.