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Niacin Information and Products

Niacin is also one of the constituents of B-Vitamin group that helps producing cellular energy which is most essential for the appropriate functioning of cardiovascular, nervous and immune systems. Niacin is the nutrient for maintaining the cholesterol level within limits. If taken in dose over 50 mg of Niacin in no-release form it may cause flushing on face and neck areas. The time-release tablets of niacin have comparatively reduced flushing reactions. Such time-release tablets discharge niacin gradually in the intestinal path way that already holds niacin stock. Such time-release niacin products are often combined with enhanced liver enzymes for some particular patients. Vitamin B3 is the other form known as Niacinamide which is used in dietary supplements, which is found in foods we eat and has neither any flushing effects in any amount of dose or any adverse effects on cardiovascular systems. Various cellular reactions transform foods in to cellular energy with the effect of niacin. Niacin enhances enzymes operations which transports and crash fats, carbohydrates, proteins and other molecules that are formed from the foods we eat. Niacin also removes fats - triglycerides from the tissues and blood streams.