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Navel piercing and Sport activities

The Belly button piercing or Navel piercing is favorite among models and celebrities. Though it looks attractive but the healing time is very much long in comparison to the pierces on the other parts of body. The delay in the healing may also be because of the damage or irritation caused by clothes, mainly tight clothes or tight waistlines.
While piercing the navel area one thing is considered that the outer rim of the navel is pierced and not the inner rim of the navel. Some people also believe that the navel piercing can also cause liver infection, but no such case has yet been into limelight.

There are different steps to get the navel piercing done:

  1. Take the advice from an experienced and licensed person who is well-versed in piercing. If the person is experienced he will check the navel rim and decide whether the skin can bear the pressure of the ring and is the skin suitable for the piercing.
  2. The appointment or the date of piercing should be decided after checking other priorities as the pain may affect the other routine work, it may also infect the area of the navel rim.
  3. On the decided day the navel area is sterilized with a clean tissue and dried fully. All the equipments used should be sterilized and make sure that the hands which are doing the piercing should be covered with the latex gloves.
  4. Wear something of loose-fitting to avoid rubbing the cloth with the skin.
  5. Focus on your breath and keep your muscles relaxed.
  6. Before piercing; check the piercing mark on the navel rim for the desired position.
  7. The upper area of the navel is stretched with the help of a clamp.
  8. A pointed equipment is forcefully inserted in the clamp and then into the skin and the point is covered from the opposite side and it is locked with the other pin.
  9. It may take a long time for the pain to recover.
  10. The instructions given after the piercing is very much important to understand and follow; else it may cause infection. Tea-tree oil is recommended to apply on the pierced area. One should bathe with the hot water mixed with salt to give soothing effect to the pierced area.

Selection of the type of piercing jewelry is very much important: it may be of stainless steel, titanium or Solid gold i.e. a metal which is anti-infectious. Selecting the clothes to wear during the initial days should be loose and of such a material which may not stuck with the jewel pierced on the navel ring. If the pierced area is swollen or is having burning sensation then immediately one should consult a doctor. If the jewel is not pinned in the right manner, it may cause damage to the nerve or the navel area. In short the initial days after the piercing are very much crucial as if not cared well it may cause problem of any cause.

The selection of the jewel and the clothes may also depend on the profession the person is into. If sports is the profession in which the person specializes in then he or she should take care full care of the type of clothes he is wearing and also while playing. Some of the clothes are skin tight but some days after the navel piercing these kind of dresses should not be worn as they will stick to the navel area and may cause pain. The best option is to wear loose clothes so that the skin should not touch with the cloth and in turn it will not create any problem. The clothes should not be of synthetic material but on the contrary it should be of cotton material.

One should follow the aftercare regime for the belly button piercing and to prevent the infection to spread. If the infection is spread over the body it may also affect the skin texture and in turn would badly affect the body.