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MuscleTech Company Review

The Research team of MuscleTech endeavor to establish that their customers receive the best quality products available. MuscleTech is the formulation that enables its users Gain Muscles, Lose Weight, Build Stronger or just whatever they wish to achieve.

Research is always considered the base of innovations. The company is devoted to formulate highly useful diet supplement. This is the reason for the research and development philosophy. Till date the company has funded 80 research studies which include the latest research trials at Baylore University, the University of Nottingham, the University of Laval, St, Francis Xavier University, McMaster University and the University of Toronto. The company is devoted to inventing and has developed a few of the most record-breaking sports supplements for muscle builders to lose fat and support fitness lifestyles also the products that promote the people reaching their targets.

Some full-proof innovative products like Hydroxycut, Cell-Tech, Gackic, Leukic and Nitro-Tech group of products are the fruits of the untiring commitment to discover and formulate new and wonder ingredients and supplements through research. As the result of research 66 summery and 13 full papers were published in different scientific journals like: International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise and Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology etc.

The Company has joined its hands with some of the world’s prominent research scientists to research further. The company is also encouraging young scientists in excellence with the MuscleTech student award at the Ontario Exercise Physiology Conference to felicitate brilliance in student research.

In order to persuade the high-flyer research of the customer’s interest, the company subsidizes scientific conventions viz: Dietary Regulation of Skeletal Muscle metabolism while resting as well as during the work-outs [Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology 2003 Annual Scientific Conference]. All these when put together proves MuscleTech’s assurance to research a leader in the industry.

Producing Quality Which Makes a Difference Worth Notice!

To promote the research, the company has joined hands and developed cordial relations with some of the world’s leading scientists. The researcher’s of MuscleTech struggle to assure delivering the best quality products to its valued customers. The company has joined hands with the world’s largest whey-protein producers to developing and manufacturing the vital products which can offer the quality proteins with highest stability. The company’s most delicious high protein products like NITRO-TECH bars and MESO-TECH diet-replacement bars are being produced in the most modern manufacturing units by adopting the most advanced technologies to ensuring the best quality bars to be made available in the market today.

For developing the delicious tasting nutritional supplements deemed to be amongst the best tasting in the nutritional supplements fields, the company is putting together its efforts and talents of North America’s best food scientists and cooking experts. MuscleTech products are also committed to evaluate sensations for developing the delicious tastes and textures with the help of industry’s renowned producers for presenting the products with unique and superb tastes.

Products with Registered Patent

The company is committed to research and development of the best quality products and simultaneously defends the developed products with patents too. MuscleTech products are safeguarded by several patents in the United States to ensuring that the competitors do not misuse the company’s formulas. The company’s modern muscle builder CELL-TECH is covered under a number of patents. The company maintains its assurance of research and formulates unparallel sports supplements with quality and efficiency.

MuscleTech and world class nutrition are committed to consistently maintain alliance with leading researchers in the sports nutrition fields. The company is willing to setting the formulating and testing standards in the industry. The company is proud of producing the world’s best sports supplements in accordance with the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices better known as GMP.