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Bodybuilding Supplements information and reviews

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Protein BarsProtein Bars
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Muscle BuildingMuscle Building
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Muscle Building Supplements

Of course everybody wish to quickly build muscles but millions of the Muscle Building Supplement misguiding products available in the markets that are puzzling me to choose the right one to start. If you too think this to be indistinct, you are not alone! The various inducing propaganda and advertisements by the companies about their products make it more difficult in selecting the right supplement by the intenders. The regular phone calls and e-mails by the customers are received by us seeking our opinions for educating them to choose the right products which can effectively help them in developing their muscles more quickly and safely with the help of the Muscle Building Supplement.

To build muscles you need not take extra Muscle Building Supplements anyway. Nevertheless, the Muscle Building Supplements indeed help you in developing your muscles rather quick. The Muscle Building Supplements are nothing but acting as the prospective to build your muscles. For any further detailed information on the subject you should refer Big Cat’s articles on nutrition and supplementations. Many of the intended persons make a start with the multi vitamins, proteins and Creatine.

Precisely, growing, recovering or rebuilding of muscles could be achieved through many different Muscle Building Supplements. Nonetheless, people widely choose the Muscle Building Supplements for achieving the best results from below mentioned fast moving renowned Muscle Building Supplements types:

  1. Protein
  2. Creatine
  3. Glutamine
  4. Multi-Vitamin
  5. Natural Test Booster
  6. HMB
  7. Growth Hormone
  8. NO - Nitric Oxide
  9. Anti-Estrogens
  10. Protein Bars
  11. Amino Acids
  12. Methoxy, Ecdy
  13. ZMA
Muscle Building

To help you select the most effective Muscle Building Supplements from the above list, let us give you the elaborated factual and its functions to educate you what you can expect from each of them and which is the best suitable to your requirements.

Proteins Types

Proteins are generally made of amino acids that are the primary Muscle Building Supplement blocks in the body. Hence the protein is considered the most vital ingredient for building the muscles without which one cannot build muscles. During the whole day one needs to intake around 1-2 grams of protein per pound of his body weights which means and average guy weighing 150 pounds would be required to have something between 150 and 300 grams of protein within a single day. Protein shakes and protein bars are the most convenient forms of providing high quality proteins.

Whey Proteins, Soy Proteins, Egg Proteins and Casein Proteins are the different types of proteins that are widely prescribed by the medical practitioners the world over for the Muscle Building Supplement. The best of it depends on how and when you want to have them and according to your specific requirements in terms of the proteins suitable to your health and the body. However, for more details on various available proteins you should refer our article on the subject which will convince you in selecting the most appropriate protein you need the most for your Muscle Building Supplement.

Whey Protein is the most amazing protein especially just after the tiresome workout as the Muscle Building Supplements as that is the time when your body needs protein the most and whey is the fastest digesting protein which takes just about 30 minutes to digest. Whey Protein- Learn More!

Soy Protein is the protein wholly derived from the natural plants and hence considered as the vegetarian’s friend. Though Soy is not much effective in terms of its absorption as compared with whey or egg proteins, Soy is the whole protein. Soy is also recognized as it has the added quality of health benefiting to the women. Soy Protein- Learn More!

Soy Protein versus Whey Protein Whey Protein Supplements and Whey Products have been regarded as standard gold in protein supplementations. Nevertheless, Soy Protein is also most effectively working equally as an alternate of Whey Protein. Whey is highest saleable protein supplement because of its anabolic effect it uses on the muscle growth. Soy Protein versus Whey Protein - Lean More!

Casein Protein is quite opposite of whey, it is the slowest digesting protein taking around 2 to 7 hours to digest. It is therefore advisable to take any the Muscle Building Supplements with Casein Protein before going to bed as that is perhaps the longest spell you body remains without proteins during the whole night while you are sleeping. The best of this is Micellar Casein product.

Egg Protein is also one of the most important protein but takes about one and a half to two hours to digest thus it is considered the anytime protein for providing better sustained release of amino acids in the body. Egg Protein- Learn More!

Protein Blends supplements are made available singularly in its original forms of whey, soy eggs or casein as well as in the combination of either or all of them depending upon the specific protein requirements. Based on the different rates of protein’s digestion periods one can take the blended protein anytime for quick, medium or prolonged protein absorption. ProM3 is considered the best blended protein in the category.

The two major categories of the Low Carb protein for the Muscle Building Supplements are weight gainers and low carb protein shakes and bars. Both of them are on the opposite directions, but still the low carb protein shakes are better for the dieters or those who are willing to lose or just maintain their body weights.

Top 10 Protein Powders

Supplement Name Servings Price per
Lowest Price
Econo Whey Protein by Scifit 80 $0.43 $34.25
Monster Milk Protein 12 $2.79 $33.49
Whey Protein 2lbs by Sci-Fit 32 $0.41 $12.99
100% Whey Protein by Optimum Nutrition 32.77 $0.37 $28.55
XProtein by Xyience 30 $1.27 $37.95
Muscle Milk 17oz RTD by CytoSport 12 $2.66 $31.95
Cyto Whey Protein by Cytosport 5lb 103 $0.26 $26.95
100% Whey Gold Standard by Optimum 74 $0.37 $27.27
Zero Carb Protein by VPX Sports 37 $0.67 $24.95
Metabolic Whey by MRM (5lb) 74 $0.35 $25.55
Muscle Milk by Cytosport 15 $1.66 $24.95
Muscle Smoothie by Scifit 19 $1.26 $23.95

Weight Gainers

The high calorie protein products are weight gainers for the people who willing to gain more weights. Intake of extra high quality calories will create wonders if you are facing problems in gaining weights.


Enhanced Muscle mass are achieved quickly with the Muscle Building Supplement having Creatine which is naturally occurring in the body. For those who have never used this protein before it is highly effective. There are numerous articles on Creatine that can make you expert overnight. It enhances ATP – the basic source of energy that muscles use for explosive power enabling you to lift more weights during the work outs which helps grow more muscle tissues. Repeated dosage of the Muscle Building Supplements with Creatine has shown great results. People have been using it for consecutive four weeks and resume after a gap of a week or two. There are different types of Creatine like Monohydrate, Liquid Creatine and Micronized Creatine etc.

One should not get puzzled with all such detailed reports. The best Creatine Muscle Building Supplements are with built in dextrose and amino acids but they may be a bit costly, however, micronized Creatine taken with the grape juice will be the best choice as well as cost effective too. Try to take it after the work-outs and see the difference.


The Muscle Building Supplement with L-Glutamine is the richest amino acid that is found in the muscle tissues which not only helps eliminating the wasting in the muscles but also promotes its faster recovery which in turn prompts you to work out more hard in the gymnasiums. Glutamine could be taken round the year. It is suggested that Glutamine and Creatine should not be taken simultaneously as both are receptor absorbers. Glutamine is the pre-workout course whereas Creatine is designed for post work-out. A few of the Glutamine containing the Muscle Building Supplements are appended below for your ready evaluation.


The Multi vitamins are highly important for our bodies. Deficiency of any vitamin or mineral may obstacle your weight gain process very badly. To build the strong muscle mass for the healthy body, the multi vitamin Muscle Building Supplements are most required. The working out people need excess vitamins and therefore they should definitely think on this. Some of the best Muscle Building Supplements containing the multi vitamins are given below for the benefits of the Muscle Builders and the athletes the world over.

The Natural Testosterone Boosters

The testosterone increase enables to gain muscles, promotes moods and provides energy levels. Steroids increase the test levels which are illegal for usage. During your pro-hormone cycle phase you should use such natural products. The ZMA and Tribulus are the most popular products in the category or the Muscle Building Supplements.

Anabolic Flavones (Methoxy, Ecdysterone)

Methoxy-Isoflavone and Ecdysterone are the two latest developed supplements for steroid hormonal gains which are non-hormonal flavones enhancing protein combination naturally, preserve nitrogen and muscle growths. When taken in combination with protein since they enhance protein absorption, they effect better. Some formulators have the ready supplements in combination of protein and Methoxy.

Amino Acids and BCAAs

Amino Acids and BCAAs - the Amino acids are the protein building blocks. The Muscle Building Supplements containing the amino acid helps the body builders by helping them rebuild, grow and develop their muscle tissues. Amino acids like aminos, leucine, isoleucine and valine are the most actively helping Muscle Building Supplements for the sports persons in their nutritional programs. Those who are willing to have the better performance should take the amino acids and see the difference instantly.

Given below are some of the most known Muscle Building Supplements with amino.

Nitric Oxide

The gas-free NO or the Nitric Oxide is produced in the body which is used for communicating with other cells in the body. The Nitric Acids are known for enhancing the flow of the blood in the body and the body builders choose it since the raised blood flow discharges more nutrients to muscles and also enabling it to enlarge while they are under stress. Abnormally inflated muscles are the result of this product. Following are the most popular Nitric Oxide Supplements:

Zinc Monomethionine Aspartame

ZMA - Zinc Monomethionine Aspartame is the medically developed anabolic mineral formula also containing vitamin B6 for Muscle Building Supplement. It is the natural product having been scientifically proved for importantly boosting anabolic hormonal levels and muscle strength. The studies suggest that the dose of 30mg of Zinc with 450mg of Magnesium per day can raise testosterone levels up to 30%. It has also showed the 11.6% more strength compared to 4.6% increase in the placebo group. The people willing to skip pro-hormones should take this. The most popular ZMA Muscle Building Supplements are briefed below.

High Growth Hormone

HGH - High Growth Hormone - The polypeptide or growth hormone is concealed by the interior pituitary gland which regularizes the growth of tissues, cellular repair, maintain energy levels, fat loss and muscle growth. It is the considered the modern Muscle Building Supplement. After the 30 years of age the level of human growth hormone declines faster. The levels of HGH and IGF-1 must be raised to enlarge muscle size and growths. HGH helps Muscle Building, anti-ageing, fat-loss, energy and moods. Following are the well known HGH Muscle Building Supplements.


HMB is the most advanced Muscle Building Supplement in the markets nowadays which is the metabolite of leucine an amino acid in the body. By using HMB, many athletes and champions in the world have achieved fantastic results, it also plays vital role in combination of muscle tissues. It burns fat and builds muscles continuously in response to exercise. An extensive study that lasted for seven weeks performed on 28 persons showed more muscle gain during regular weight training programs.