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Mass Recovery Drinks by ABB

Order Mass Recovery Drinks by ABB Power and Recovery Formula

Mass Recovery Drink Highlights:

  • 380 Nutrient Dense Calories to Help Pack On Size & Strength!
  • 100% Whey Protein Isolate (of total protein)
  • 35g Pure WPI for Rapid Absorption & Amino Acid Uptake
  • Only 6g Sugar!
  • 60g Total Carbs for Optimal Muscle & Glycogen Recovery
  • 200mcg Chromium to Aid Carbohydrate Metabolism
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's)
  • 99% Lactose Free!
  • No Aspartame!

Mass Recovery Flavors

  • Fruit Punch
  • Grape

Product Discontinued
Not available

Mass Recovery takes post-workout muscle repair

No more guesswork as to what your muscles are craving after or between workouts. each incredible tasting, fruit-flavored mass recovery provides a precise combination of mass building and muscle repairing macro- and micronutrients for serious results - 35g 100% Pure Whey Protein Isolate, 60g Total Carbs, Only 6g sugar, 200mcg Chromium, 380 Calories and absolutely NO Aspartame...for ADVANCED RECOVERY NUTRITION.

Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) is THE PUREST FORM OF WHEY PROTEIN extraction, yielding at least 90% pure whey and less of what you don't want from a protein source - sugar, lactose, carbs and fat. To put that into perspective, Whey Protein Concentrates yield only about 70% whey, with the remainder of its volume coming from the aforementioned other sources (i.e. carbs and fat). WPIs also contain a high level of the branched chain amino acids (BCAAS), LEUCINE, ISOLEUCINE and VALINE, as well as other ESSENTIAL AND NON-ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS, not to mention VITAL PROTEIN FRACTIONS such as LACTOFERRIN, IMMUNOGLOBULINS and GLYCOMACROPEPTIDES. The high BCAA concentration is important because they play such a critical role in STIMULATING PROTEIN SYNTHESIS and INHIBITING PROTEIN CATABOLISM, by way of metabolic as well as hormonal functions.

Whey protein is derived from milk (about 20% of the protein in milk is whey; 80% is casein), and has a high solubility, which enables it to be ABSORBED MORE RAPIDLY THAN OTHER FORMS OF PROTEIN such as casein or soy. The fast uptake of whey make it AN IDEAL PROTEIN SOURCE FOR IMMEDIATELY AFTER TRAINING when rapid amino acid influx into muscle is at its greatest level for QUICK RECOVERY. Also, if you're adhering to the dietary regimen of eating every 2-3 hours, faster absorbing proteins, such as whey, could prove more beneficial than consuming slower absorbing protein supplements.

Aside from protein's obvious ANABOLIC BENEFITS, whey, specifically, is also higher in cysteine than other forms of protein (whey protein contains about 2.0%-2.5% cysteine, whereas casein contains only about 0.3% cysteine). Cysteine being the rate-limiting precursor to the POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT glutathione. Research continues to surface about glutathione's strong role in IMMUNE FUNCTION as well as the maintenance of the structural and functional integrity of muscle.

Other than protein, CARBOHYDRATES ARE ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL FOR MUSCLE RECOVERY from intense weight training and exercise. Your muscles hold about 300g of glycogen (stored form of carbs) for immediate energy needs, whereas your liver stores an additional 90g for reserves. You also have about 30g present in your blood (called glucose), at any given time. The real benefit of carbs are their quick conversion and use for immediate, high-intensity energy needs lasting greater than about 30 seconds, such as during weight training. As carbs are converted into adenosine triphosphate (ATP, or energy) for muscular contractions, your body immediately tries to refuel those intra-cellular supplies by pulling glucose into the muscle. THE HARDER AND LONGER YOU TRAIN, THE MORE DEPLETED YOUR MUSCLES AND OTHER RESERVES CAN BECOME. It's for this reason the immediate, post-workout window of opportunity is so critical for adding EXTRA MASS. Your muscle cells are literally ''primed'' for accepting a surplus of glucose. Your muscles will first restore baseline glycogen stores, but can then over-compensate by drawing-in even more glycogen than before if intensity levels and muscle damage are beyond previously experienced levels. This is the CELL VOLUMIZING effect that you hear so much about. In fact, long-term structural muscle hypertrophy (MUSCLE GROWTH) is believed to be, in part, caused by this cell volumizing effect.

And because many of today's bodybuilders try feverishly to avoid simple sugars, and instead replace post-workout carbohydrate recovery with longer chain polysaccharides, Mass Recovery is formulated with only 6g of the fructose-derived monosaccharides. This may go against the textbook mentality that teaches loads of sugar are necessary for AN EFFECTIVE INSULIN RESPONSE, however new literature shows otherwise. For example, WHEN CARBOHYDRATES ARE CONSUMED IN THE PRESENCE OF PROTEIN, GLYCOGEN RECOVERY IS ACTUALLY IMPROVED BEYOND THAT OF CARBOHYDRATES ALONE. Even when provided in equivocal doses. Additionally, BCAAS, BY THEMSELVES, HAVE BEEN SHOWN TO AID MUSCLE GLYCOGEN RECOVERY WHEN CONSUMED IMMEDIATELY POST-WORKOUT. Therefore, why include the extra sugar if it isn't absolutely necessary.

Chromium, an essential trace mineral, is included to help further promote insulin receptor function during the immediate post-workout window. Chromium is believed to maintain insulin sensitivity through an intracellular pathway that centers around chromodulin, a chromium-binding peptide that binds with the insulin receptor. Chromium can become depleted during intense exercise and inadequate dietary intake, potentially blunting proper carbohydrate metabolism.

And because Mass Recovery is in a ready-to-drink form, you get the added benefit of FAST ABSORPTION and ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE when time is critical and growth is on the line. In fact, CONSUMING A MASS RECOVERY IMMEDIATELY AFTER A WORKOUT, INSTEAD OF WAITING UNTIL YOU GET HOME, COULD POTENTIALLY HELP INCREASE PROTEIN SYNTHESIS BY AS MUCH AS 12% according to a recent study published in the American Journal of Physiology: Endocrinology and Metabolism (Levenhagen, D.K., et al. 2001).

Mass Recovery Drinks Directions

For Post-Workout Recovery, begin drinking one (1) bottle of Mass Recovery immediately upon completing a workout.

For Daily Protein Nutrition, drink one (1) bottle of Mass Recovery 1 to 2 times per day to support protein and calorie needs.

To aid absorption, consume slowly, allowing yourself approximately fifteen (15) minutes to complete each bottle.