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How to get ripped?

Perhaps the most popular question that is asked across fitness centers is ‘How do I get ripped? Even though regular workouts along with proper nutrition would be the answer, it is more often easier said than done. Most of aspiring fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts want immediate results in the form of six –pack abs along with rock hard biceps and a chiseled chest. Those who are starting out on a workout pattern want immediate results and want to get the Greek God’s physique overnight. Wish it works that way. Unfortunately most of them are not aware of the exact mechanism of the human body in developing rippling muscles.
One has to be patient for getting expectant results. Another misconception that people have is that by eating lesser calories we can lose weight and get into better shape. This way though we may lose weight, we will never be able to get into attractive shape. One has to really understand the very concept of weight in order to attain desirable muscular shape. Our weight actually consists of two components namely ‘Fat Free Mass’, also popularly referred to as FFM and Fat mass. The FFM consists of skeletal muscles, non-skeletal muscles and bones. Weight can be lost by decreasing the percentage of FFM. The drawback in this case is that when a person loses weight by this method he will still not look good. The only way to proper shape is in decreasing the other component- fat mass and it means that the FFM should stay as intact as possible. To achieve this delicate balance special training is needed. Such training would include aspects like lifting weights, aerobics and a proper diet.
Weight training forms a major part of the entire process of gaining shape. It is of paramount importance for getting muscle forms. It is also important for another reason, purely physiological. The body contains energy centers in the form of cells known as ‘mitochondria’. By weight training one can increase the number of mitochondria, which in turn increases the amount of oxygen that is utilized by the body. Better transportation of vital nutrients to the muscles is facilitated by weight training, the entire process depending on the chemical process of oxidation that takes place inside the mitochondria.
Next nutrition comes. Nutrition forms one of the most important aspects of professional bodybuilding. Most professional bodybuilders are known to achieve the level of body fat between 6 to 9 % and sometimes even lower. Though a norm for an average male person is 14 to 20 %. Bodybuilding enthusiasts should keep in mind that ‘we are what we eat’. Keeping to a diet is very important in bodybuilding. Following simple rules like restricting the calorie intake and increasing the whey protein intake one can achieve good results in bodybuilding. Proper nutrition would also consist of reducing sugar, salt and carbohydrate intake along with regular water intake. Eating smaller portions more often also helps. Nutrition holds the key to the effectiveness of your weight training and aerobics regime.
 An aerobic exercise can include several types like cycling, jogging or running on a treadmill. Aerobic exercise is important for losing body fat. By doing an aerobic exercise your body cells are using oxygen in order to produce energy. This way the heart rate is increased and in turn your oxygen intake to muscles is increased too.

Doing these exercises you should take care of your heart rate and try to maintain the ideal heart rate. You can calculate it using the simple formula: 222- one’s age. The ideal heart rate would be around 64-70% of a person’s maximum heart rate.

There are also plenty of fat-burning pills which work as pre-workout supplements increasing your energy that are available on the market. They are definitely known to help you in reaching your goals. These supplements generally include ingredients such as ma huang, caffeine or ephedra and others. These ingredients work by stimulating the body’s metabolism and by burning excess calories. Taken before the trainings they will increase your energy, fasten the metabolic processes and help you to get better results in a shorter time period. Let’s discuss some of the most trusted and popular bodybuilding supplements.

Thermogenic Products to Get Ripped

Red Stinger Extreme Red Stinger Extreme is a natural fat burner which will solve your problems without any risk to your health. If you need to enhance your body’s own ability to burn calories and increase your energy level the plant-based formula of natural Red Stinger Extreme will help you in reaching your goals. The proper dosage of Red Stinger Extreme ingredients is the key of its effectiveness and safety. The components of this bodybuilding supplement are as follows: Ephedra Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, White Willow Bark Extract, Yohimbe Bark Extract, Turmeric Root Extract, Green Tea Extract, Ginger Root, Citrus Aurantium, Calcium Carbonate, Raspberry Ketones, Ellagic Acid, Quercetin, Vitamins B-3, B-5, B-6, B-12 and other ingredients. Altogether these elements, vitamins and extracts stimulates the working ability of your body, increases the metabolism, neutralize free radicals which results in quick and successful results- the building of physique of your dream.


Ripped Power Ripped Power is a fat burning supplement already used by millions of people who have achieved desirable ripped look. The key ingredients of Ripped Power include Ma Huang extract, Guarana seed extract, Chromium and L-Carnitine. Each of elements fulfils its own functions. L-Carnitine produces energy, increases the metabolism and it is responsible for better functioning of heart and brain. Chromium Picolinate increases the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates and regulates the proper functioning of insulin. Ma Huang extracts increase heart rate, blood pressure, stimulate brain activity and make the breathing easier. Ripped Power really works due to its effective formula.

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Ripped LeanThe other popular supplement on market today is Ripped Lean. It’s exactly what you need if you want to get ripped and lean! A trusted effective bodybuilding supplement Ripped Lean is your key to success. This advanced thermogenic fat burner contains such active ingredients as Ephedra, Guarana, Hoodia Extract, White Willow Bark, Synephrine and other powerful fat burning thermogenics. They increase the metabolism helping you to lose unwanted pounds quickly. Ripped Lean is the real help in your trainings because it increases your energy and makes it easier to breathe. Ripped Lean original formula containing herbal ephedra extracts will help you to lose unwanted inches and pounds boosting your weight and burning your fat.

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Black Widow 25 Black Widow 25 Ephedra diet pills are created specially for optimal fat burning, increasing your energy and quick weight loss. It’s one of the best Pre-Workout supplements on market nowadays. Combined with diet and training Black Widow supplement will bring you unbelievable results. And all these are made in a safe and healthy manner. The proper amount of ephedra contained in Black Widow pills makes it possible to enchance your athletic performance, create thermogenic effect and therefore promote weight loss and increase the energy quickly and without any harm to your organism.  If you want to get ripped and achieve super results it’s better to combine a proper diet, intensive training with bodybuilding supplements such as Black Widow 25 Ephedra diet pills. Containing Ephedra, Citrus Aurantium, White Willow Bark, Yohimbe, Caffeine Anhydrous, Guarana, Ginger Root, Green Tea, Garcinia Cambogia, Kola Nut 10% Caffeine. Salicylic Acid USP, Vitamins B-6 and B-12, Chromium Picolinate and other effective ingredients Black Widow works as a very strong fat burner and not only suppresses your appetite, promotes the energy, breaks the fat down but also elevates your mood.

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Green Stinger Green Stinger is the strongest fat burner supplement containing the most effective ingredients for ultimate weight loss results. Green Stinger is the ultimate ECA Stack and an excellent pre-workout diet pill which has the strongest fat burning effect, brings you more vigor and the rapid weight loss, the feeling of well being, increases your energy levels and makes your reflection in the mirror look like you want it to look. Green Stinger contains Ephedra extract which on its turn contains ephedrine alkaloids which are responsible for suppressing the appetite and increasing the metabolism. Caffeine stimulates the work of nervous system, wards off drowsiness, restores alertness and has a strong thermogenic effect. Pure White Willow Bark Extract is similar to aspirin and is an effective addition to weight loss supplements which promotes a thermogenic effect combined with Ephedra but it doesn’t possess such side effects of aspirin as discomfort and GI bleeding. Yohimbine HCL works as an appetite suppressant and increases blood flow in adipose tissue and that prevents fat from retaining in the problematic areas. Citrus Aurantium burns the fat, builds lean muscle mass, increases the metabolism without affecting blood pressure or a heart rate. Green Tea Extracts are powerful antioxidants and they support cardiovascular health by preventing the oxidation of cholesterol. All the ingredients of Green Stinger work together and produce ultimate effect of getting ripped and lean.

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The use of pre-workout fat burning and metabolism increasing supplement fastens the processes of getting ripped and increases your energy for training but it’s recommended to discuss them with your fitness trainer or personal physician before you use them.
One always has to remember the fact that we are not born equal. Each of us has different physical abilities and genetics. Therefore in our interests is to be patient and work at our own set pace in order to achieve realistic goals. Bodybuilding or just getting ripped requires lots of hard work and focus. If you will follow this simple guideline there is nothing that can stop you from getting ripped.

Ripped Power

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