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Folic Acid Information and Products

Information about the Folic Acid - The Definition and Use of Folic Acid: The Folic Acid is also one of the water soluble constituents of B-Vitamin which promoted generating healthy body cells. To avert the neuron tube disarrays you need to take it daily since it does not last longer because of water solubility. For the necessary growth of foetus in the womb during the pregnancy the body requires more amount of B-Vitamin.

Folic Acids are of two different types.

  • Synthetic form - This form is found in: Multivitamins, Fortified bread and grain products, like breakfast cereals and Prescriptions for Folic acid which means Women risk prone for Spina Bifida require prescription for folic acid. Consulting the doctor or medical health provider is advisable.
  • Natural form - Also known as "FOLATE" this form is available in foods like: Leafy green vegetables, such as broccoli and spinach, some fruits and juices, like orange juice and our bodies absorb the synthetic form of folic acid more easily than the natural form.

Recommendations for Folic Acid: It is recommended that women attaining pregnancy conceiving age should not rely on the regular diet or food and should take the Folic Acids as advised by SBAA to the 60 million American women. The American women are requested to follow the 1992 US Public Health Service recommendations for Folic Acid which says that women conceiving pregnancy should take at least 400 mcg [micrograms] or in other words 0.4 mg [milligrams] of Folic Acid thru any Vitamins. During pregnancy the baby could be affected by family genes as well as by just anything that comes across during pregnancy. Taking Folic Acid does help but do not assure of healthy baby anyway. It is advised to take Folic Acid everyday as NTD takes place early in pregnancy sometimes even before the women comes to know about her pregnancy.