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Egg Protein

The body-builders, sports-persons and athletes around the world who generally need the high quality proteins, so the Eggs or Egg Protein are considered the best source of protein. They consume egg whites which may be unsafe or even cook dozens of eggs simultaneously. This may prove to be a bit unhealthy way of getting proteins due to higher level of cholesterol and fats in the eggs.

Nowadays due to the easily available products containing Egg Protein, you can take whatever quantity of Egg Protein you want in a single delicious shake. Egg Protein is considered the fastener of body building nutrition and supplementation. In other words we can refer the Egg Protein as the complete protein and Egg Proteins are the universal reference standard to which all other proteins could be compared.

Generally two different values are used for measuring protein qualities: PDCAA or Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Scores and the Biological Values. The amount of protein reserved from absorbed protein is measured by Biological Values. The Egg Protein scores 100 on biological value which clearly means all consumed Egg Protein is preserved by the body since the Egg Protein contains all the necessary amino acids required by the body.

The standard or average sized egg generally weighs around 50gm which consists of: 39gm Water, 6.5gm Proteins, 5.6gm Fats, 0.5gm Carbohydrates and many more vitamins and minerals. The egg consists of two main ingredients the egg yokes and egg whites each of it have different nutritional values as given below:

Nutrients in the Egg Yokes: Large size Egg Yoke weighing 17gm has 8.893gm Water, 54.740 kcal Energy, 228.820 kj Energy, 2.696gm protein, 4.512gm Total Lipid or Fats, 209.78mg Cholesterol and 0.610gm Carbohydrates.

Nutrients in the Egg Whites: Large size Egg White weighing 33gm has 28.898gm Water, 17.160 kcal Energy, 71.280 kj Energy, 3.597gm Protein, 0.056gm Total Lipids or Fats and 0.241gm Carbohydrates.