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Bodybuilders should know that there is such a chemical on the market. It is a health supplement. It contains creatine. The increased flexibility provided by creatine represents only one of the benefits of creatine supplements. Creatine also serves as an energy reserve. In order to appreciate this second benefit of creatine, one must first learn about how the muscles obtain energy.

In the muscle tissue, a biochemical reaction allows use of the potential energy stored in the muscle. That reaction changes ATP into ADP. The change leads to a release of stored energy. Such a process would suggest that a body would run out of energy in the absence of ATP.

Creatine serves as a way to replace the lost ATP. The body uses the creatine to make additional creatine phosphate.(The body makes some creatine phosphate naturally.) The creatine phosphate donates a phosphate group to an ADP molecule, and that leads to the formation of ATP. The breakdown of the ATP produces added energy.

With that added energy, muscles can work harder. A hard-working muscle soon becomes a well-toned muscle. Toned muscles are more firm. A toned stomach muscle is better able to "pull-in" the sagging stomach. Toned muscles function more smoothly. Most importantly, toned muscles have the ability to endure a greater amount of stress.