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Big 100 Case of 12 Bars by MET-Rx

1 Box $26.99
2 Boxes $51.99
Order Big 100 Case of 12 Protein Bars
Shipping Method
UPS Ground
$6.99 plus 1.00 per item for all orders(up to 5lb)
$8.99 plus 1.00 per item for orders (6-10lb)

+$3.00 is added for each additional 5lbs +$2.00 for rural deliveries

Buy Big 100 Protein Bar The newly reformulated 100g Food Bar is here, and better than ever! The high protein aspect of the Original Drink Mix, in the convenience of a food bar. Met-Rx Food Bars can compliment a total nutrition program when combined with the Drink Mix. Engineered for serious athletes who want to augment their program with a convenient form of nutrition.

Why Choose Met-Rx Big 100 Gram Food Bar?

The 100 Gram Bar delivers 27 grams of METAMYOSYN protein and essential vitamins and minerals to make it through the day. They are high in calcium and antioxidants Vitamins C and E Every Met-Rx Food Bar has glutamine and lactoferrin and is 97% lactose free. Met-Rx Food Bars are a convenient and portable way to get essential nutrition while maintaining a busy schedule.

This product, PRE- or POST-exercise, along with diet supports building muscle.

Available flavors

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • Chocolate Graham Cracker Chip
  • Peanut Butter

Big 100 Protein Bar Description

  • Big, 100g bar provides great value
  • 27g of Metamyosyn Protein
  • Low in fat - only 2.5-5g fat per bar

Big 100 Protein Bar Allergy Notice

This product may contains milk, egg and soy ingredients: may contain traces of peanut and/or other nuts and seeds.